How to Build Your Tween’s Personal Hygiene Routine

As your kid gets older into those tween years, you may be wondering, at what age should a child start using deodorant. If your tween’s laundry bin is starting to smell unusually stinky but familiar, it may be time to start deodorant shopping! Now, you may be wondering which deodorant is the best deodorant for kids and tweens or the gentlest—and that’s where we come in!

Tweens begin to sweat when their sweat glands first become active, which is usually at the onset of puberty. Since we all know that pre-adolescence can come with its fair share of awkward moments, it’s important to show and tell your tween that they have a say when it comes to their own personal hygiene routine, especially as you are looking for the best deodorants for kids.

What's the Difference Between Deodorant Stick and Deodorant Body Spray?

So, what’s the difference between deodorant stick and deodorant body spray? With our new Suave Fresh Vibes collection, it all boils down to deodorant format and application preference. Our tropical-scented aluminum-free deodorant sticks and deodorant body sprays both mask odor caused by sweat for 48 hours—but the deodorant stick should only be applied on the underarms, whereas body spray is intended for the neck and chest.

Our new Fresh Vibes Deodorant collection features two new deodorant sticks and two new deodorant body sprays with the fragrant scents of Awesome Blossom and Berry Bliss! Both perfect options of deodorant for girls!

Fresh Vibes Awesome Blossom Deodorant Stick and Suave Berry Bliss Deodorant Stick offer a targeted approach for combatting underarm odor.

Now that we've covered our new formats, it’s time to dive deeper into our new scents! Fragrance plays a big role in deciding on your tween’s new deodorant. Our Fresh Vibes Awesome Blossom Collection has a tropical and juicy scent that smells just like vacation! For our berry lovers, the sweet-scented berry medley of our Fresh Vibes Berry Bliss Collection is sure to impress.

Whichever deodorant format and scent you and your tween decide on, one thing’s for certain: fresh vibes are ahead!