All of the substance, none of the fluff


At Suave, we focus on one thing. Creating quality products that don’t cost a fortune. It’s simple, but to us, it’s everything. Because we’re about benefits, not fancy bottles.

Everyone deserves the best

(We've been saying it since day one.)


We’ve always believed that great quality products shouldn’t be a luxury. That’s why in the 1940’s, we were one of the first brands to bring salon-quality hair care to the hands of the general public. And why today, you can still find us in 1 out of 2 US households (and counting).*

*Based on US Household Penetration from Numerator for 12 months preceding 10/31/22.

The proof is in our process


From our first hair tonic in the 1930’s to our new hair and body formulas made with select natural ingredients, we’re always working to create new products that meet your needs. And we don’t just say our shampoos, conditioners, and lotions work as well as premium brands, we scientifically prove it. So you can trust we’ve got the good stuff.

How we do it

We create formulas that rival benefits of the highest-regarded products on the market.

Then we have real people test them—blind.

When the testers get the same results with Suave as they do with the more expensive brand, our product hits the shelf.

See what we do next


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