Five Reasons Your Tween Will Love Our New Deodorants

Ready to kickstart your tween’s year with fresh vibes? Whether your tween is first exploring deodorants or if you’re looking to freshen up their hygiene routine, choosing a safe deodorant that makes your tween smell fresh and feel good should be up to you and your tween!

Involving your tween in the process of choosing a deodorant is a smart way to show  them that they can personalize their own hygiene regimen while still having fun! With 48-hour odor protection, our new juicy and fruity-fragranced Suave Fresh Vibes Deodorant collection Suave Fresh Vibes collection comes in two formats: Deodorant Stick & Deodorant Body Spray. We created this fruity scented collection so that tweens can feel good and smell good no matter what the day brings! Here are five reasons your tween—and you--will love our new Fresh Vibes collection.

1. That independent feeling
Tweens love to feel like they are being treated like an adult, even if their body odor is still that of a tween. That’s why it’s important to help your kid establish a healthy hygiene routine that includes personal care options. When you choose a deodorant alongside your tween, you’ll learn more about their preferences and tastes.

2. The amazing scents
Give your tween a taste of the tropics with our Awesome Blossom and Berry Bliss scented deodorants! With 48 hours of odor protection, you can’t go wrong with either of these delightfully juicy fragrances.

3Dermatologist Tested
Suave Fresh Vibes is a dermatologist-tested, aluminum-free collection. We make body products that are gentle for teen skin and effective at crushing odor!

4.. No more odor
We can probably all agree that it’s no fun smelling like body odor. With our effective, odor-fighting ingredients, your tween will smell sweet like the tropics!

5The cool Fresh Vibes Body Spray format
Fresh Vibes are available in two different formats! Fresh Vibes Awesome Blossom Deodorant Spray and Fresh Vibes Berry Bliss Deodorant Spray are specifically formulated to protect against odor from the neck and chest.

No less fun, but a bit more traditional, our Awesome Blossom Deodorant Stick and Berry Bliss Deodorant Stick formulated for the underarms will keep pits clean and dry all day long!