Meet some of today’s heroes

Sophia Essential Worker

Sophia C. Latrigue

Still prepping food

When Sophia gets home from her job prepping food the first thing she does is bag her clothes at the door before taking a really hot shower - making sure not to touch anyone (even the cat) until for sure she knows that she's clean."Transit is terrible but I'm still thankful" she says. "I still have a job and people need to eat well. So helping out now feels really important." To thank a worker like Sophia for the work that they do, send a message of gratitude with #EssentialsForEssentials.

Charlize Glass

Melody Lim

Still cleaning buildings

When Melody gets home after cleaning buildings in Queens, the first thing she does now is strip at the door, then heads straight for the shower - trying as hard as she can not to touch things before she is clean. "The shifts can be lonely but I'm also happy to be helping out in my own little way.” To thank a worker like Melody for the work that they do, send a message of gratitude with #EssentialsForEssentials.

Chris Essential Worker

Chris Webb

Still delivering mail

When Chris gets home after delivering mail the first thing he does is take off his shoes before stepping inside, then heads straight to shower - then puts all his clothes and towels right into the wash. "I do this to protect my family, just like working in gloves and a mask to protect other people." he says. Despite the risk Chris feels good delivering things people need. "I am helping others, so that they don't have to go out and put themselves at risk." To thank a worker like Chris for the work that they do, send your message of gratitude with #EssentialsForEssentials.